Treatment of chronic osteomyelitis of mandible by photodynamic therapy

Document Type : Case Report


Kurdistan Board of Medical Specialties


Chronic osteomyelitis of mandible some times resists the antibiotic and surgical treatment trials. Photodynamic therapy has showed promised results in diabetic foot and its mechanism of killing microorganisms now clearly understood. Osteomyelitis in other hand is a challenging condition for both patient and doctor. In majority of cases surgery is suggested as the treatment of choice for osteomyelitis, but in some areas of the body surgery may have huge impact on patients quality of life. In this case report, we are discussing a case of chronic osteomyelitis of mandible that was not responsive to antibiotic and none resection surgical treatment. Going with some guidelines of this type of treatment, we have applied a protocol of ten visits of ten minutes of photodynamic therapy complete healing of the site with subsequent implanting has been gained. Conclusion: photodynamic therapy may offer a new treatment modality for osteomyelitis of mandible that not responsive to other treatment modalities.


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Available Online from 18 August 2022
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